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Once your website is built , it takes care of itself right? WRONG!

Not updating your site can have serious implications, especially for security.


Not updating your site can have serious implications, especially for security. It may also affect traffic to your site, your reputation and your search engine rankings.
One of the most important aspects of keeping your WordPress site secure, as well as ensuring that it’s running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, is to keep everything up to date.

There are five main reasons for keeping every aspect of your WordPress site up to date, which are:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Bug fixes
  • Compatibility
  • Features

Did you know:

  • 83% of hacked WordPress sites are due to neglecting to update.
  • If your website is hacked, it can have serious implications to your google rank.
  • Over 5 Million Websites get attack every day.

One of the reasons that WordPress is increasingly becoming the target of security attacks is because it’s so big. A CMS that powers up to a quarter of the internet will doubtless attract the attention of anyone wanting to insert malicious code, take sites down or steal data.

Website Backups

We will ensure your website is securely backed up on our cloud servers.

Malware Scans

Our scheduled scans will ensure your website stays virus free.

Security & Plug-In Updates

Keep your website running smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Database Optimisation

Remove the bloated clutter from your database so it can run more efficiently. Pro Only

Real-Time Up-time Monitoring

Know immediately if a site goes down with instant notifications. Pro Only

Network Brute Force Protection

Banning users who have tried to break into other sites from also breaking into yours.

Maintenance Basic perfect for low traffic sites


Monthly Website Backups
Monthly Malware Scans
Quarterly Plug-In Updates
Quarterly Security Updates
Brute Force Protection

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Maintenance Pro + Let us update your content


Monthly Website Backups
Weekly Malware Scans
Monthly Plug-In Updates
Monthly Security Updates
Brute Force Protection
Database Optimization
Real-Time Up-time Monitoring
Monthly Maintenance Reports
1 Hour Website Change Block Time

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