About InfuzeIT

InfuzeIT is an Information Technology support business based in Melbourne. We focus on providing high-quality I.T solutions and support services for SME’s. We audit, manage and monitor IT infrastructure of our client’s businesses to ensure the smooth running of operations year round.

Our mission is to provide high-quality technology-based services and always deliver the ultimate customer experience. Our vision is to continuously strive to make our technology integrated with your business and help you expand.

Founded back in 2014, we have managed to offer extensive technical expertise to provide a range of solutions for an effective IT infrastructure to support the future growth of your business. We offer a variety of IT support services such as Managed IT Support, Hosting Services and Digital Marketing.

Our InfuzeCare Managed IT Support is designed to:

  • Manage and monitor daily business operations
  • Minimise additional costs to the business
  • Ensure the protection and security of business data
  • Enhance business performance
  • Reduce risk of downtime


Quality services offered by IT professionals with great communication skills that ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction.

We understand that each business have different needs, so we provide a personalised service for each client.

Committed to service delivery and SLA’s ensuring we meet our clients’ expectations and support feedback.

Our services are at an affordable rate ensuring our IT solutions operate within our clients’ budget.

Our Director

The goal with creating InfuzeIT was to provide the ultimate customer service and support to SME’s across Australia. While working in the IT industry I noticed a lot of businesses struggling while receiving subpar services from various IT companies.

I decided to change that. The goal behind InfuzeIT was to have support and access to multiple IT experts at a fraction of the price. We do this by providing a fixed fee pricing model which will scale with your business.

We are constantly trying to update our skills, knowledge and set new trends within the IT industry.

Denis Stevcic

Network Engineer / Entrepreneur / InfuzeIT Founder

Our Team

We are a small team of IT professionals that take pride in delivering high standards of service and customer care ensuring we provide personalised services that suit your specific needs. Our team comprises of highly experienced, honest and reliable IT technicians committed to delivering professional services. We encourage regular communication between staff members and our clients to ensure all the projects are managed and delivered successfully.


Denis Stevcic

Managing Director / Network Engineer

Naz Gassiep

IT Support Engineer

Tajinder Randhawa

Digital Marketing Lead

Company Values

Integrity and Transparency
Our organisation strives to offer our clients information that is open and honest ensuring that the prices are fair and related to the services offered.

Our team is committed to satisfy the specific needs of our clients and to offer the best solutions suitable for their businesses.

Our staff strives to support our clients with any of the IT problems that may arise in the future and are loyal to the mission of the organisation to provide the ultimate customer experience.

We understand the value of operating in a team for a united approach in delivering our services as well as ensure teamwork between our staff and clients through frequent communication.