5 Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Today’s rapid changes in technology are causing major changes in the web design industry as well. What appeared to be trendy last year is no longer trending today or has evolved into more advanced and exciting modifications. In the web design industry, technology and art are playing a major role in the overall design process. In the past, grids, distorted layouts, and bold colour schemes were key features used by most web designers. Things are quite different today. Advanced technology has made it possible to create exciting, more appealing, smarter designs.

Here are 5 top web design trends that are expected to dominate the industry in 2019.

Return of Black-And-White Pallets

The retro designs that incorporate a combination of black and white colours are back. Black and white colours have made a comeback in the design industry because of their striking and strong impressions. Black represents confidence while white is reserved and clean. When used together both colours create a striking impression that hooks visitor’s attention. Today’s web designers are embracing black and white colours in striking clearly visible calls-to-action.

Micro Interactions Icons

Another key trend that is expected to dominate the industry in 2019 is the use of features that create alerts to a person visiting a website. These are icons that show up whenever a visitor takes a specific action. The icon can be a beep sound or a visible red coloured letter alerting the visitor of an incoming text message. The interaction icon can even be a call to action telling the visitor what action to take next. More and more websites in 2019 are incorporating interaction icons to retain visitors and promote better engagement with their content.

Increased Use of Video Content Applications

It all started with Google’s introduction of video content in their search engine functionality. Web designers have borrowed a leaf from Google and are now using video content on their web pages. As a form of visual content, video is easier to digest than plain text, which is why most people now prefer to visit websites with simple videos than just text. Video illustrations have also helped to overcome language barriers that limit websites with text content only. Expect to see more video sites in 2019.

Rise of Minimalist Design and Illustrations

Most web pages in the past were littered with texts, images, and a lot of other elements that would end up confusing the visitor. To overcome the confusion, web designers are now eliminating all the unnecessary content and going straight to the point with clear cut illustrations. They are also using few but appropriate words and features to create a minimal easy to understand design with less clutter and confusion. A website with minimal design and content provides better user experience and engagement. It’s straight to the point and doesn’t leave you rummaging through a pile of words and unnecessary features.

Use of Thumb Navigation Features

With more people on mobile than desktop platforms, smartphone browsing has become the order of the day. Web designers are now forced in making their pages more thumb-friendly to help smartphone users have a better experience when navigating through their mobile web pages. In 2019 and beyond it will be necessary to incorporate thumb navigating features on your website to make it easier and more convenient for smartphone users.

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