Website Analysis

Website Analysis

What is website analysis, and why should you do one?

For all your target customers the easiest way to reach out to you is through your website. However, most small businesses feel that once they have set up their website it is enough to pull the viewers to it. The truth is that your website needs to be able to get them to convert from leads into proper sales. Website analysis is, therefore, an attempt to know where your website is lacking and how best to ensure that your conversions are happening. Here we are mentioning why website analysis is so important.

Content Creation

No customer comes back to a website if they see the same blogs or articles every day.  Not only that there needs to be a check to see whether the product descriptions are easy to understand or whether they leave the customer asking for more. Website analysis will give you a fair idea of where you are lacking in terms of the quality of content and you can modify it accordingly.

Mobile friendly

Almost every customer has a smartphone and a considerable proportion out of them check out new products on the same. If your website is not mobile friendly then chances are it won’t take them much time to abandon it and move on to some other competitor. A website analysis would let you know how to solve this problem and adapt your website such that it becomes easily accessible to others.

Search Engine optimisation

If you want your website to feature on top of the Google rankings you need to use the correct keywords in the content. Getting a website analysis done would allow you the option to understand where and how you should place them to get best results during searches.

Social media presence

Once the customer has a query to ask he relies on your social media platform to get the correct answers. Your social media handle is the way to solve your problems and build a relationship in return. If you get a website analysis done you would know where you can add the social media links so that the customers notice them and reach out to you through them.


Once you know where your website is lacking you can easily get the changes made to it. Remember the purpose of your website is only to get your leads convert to customers. If that objective is not fulfilled it means there seems to be something wrong and that should be addressed immediately.

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