IT Maintenance and Remote Monitoring

Rest easy know InfuzeIT is monitoring your systems.

The perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses

InfuzeCare allows InfuzeIT to offer the ability to easily and seamlessly maintain your network infrastructure.

Imagine having your own in-house IT at a fraction of the cost. We will monitor and maintain your computer systems around the clock.

Our system will detect and alert our technicians of any problems and have them rectified before they cause down time to your business. This monitoring will produce real-time alerts and reporting in order to detect critical issues. Regular maintenance is included with our InfuzeCare plan, which will help your systems run smoother and reduce the risk of failure. This will reduce any technology downtime that may hamper productivity.

We also offer Remote Desktop support on demand by simply clicking an icon and typing a message directly to our technicians. All users being supported by InfuzeCare will receive a free business ready anti-virus solution which protects your e-mails, websites, network and computer system.

Our InfuzeCare system does not include on-site visits. If you require On-Site IT support, please click here >. 

Monitor computers health and performance 24/7
Remote Desktop Support On Demand
Reduce risk of technology downtime
Protection from the most advanced threats

InfuzeCare Endpoint Protection

Our system is designed to prevent viruses and malware from infecting your systems. When signed up with InfuzeCare you will receive a free copy of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for each machine.

This endpoint security system allows us to keep your personal documents and files protected at all times. With integrated email and instant messaging protection, this will allow your users to be protected from incoming and outgoing mail from dangerous URLS and files.

Endpoint Security will be managed centrally from our dashboard, so you don’t need to stress about mundane tasks such as monitoring and running the scanner. Every month we will provide a detailed report if any infected machines were found and fixed.

Remote Monitoring & Support

  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Fixed Monthly Fee
  • No Lock in Contract
  • Worry-Free management
  • Remote Desktop Support on demand
  • Alerts our technician about critical events

IT Maintenance

  • Optimize all computer systems
  • Update software packages and operating systems
  • Ensure backups are working correctly
  • Run an audit check on system hardware
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware management
  • Scheduled system updates & patches