Flash player scheduled to die in 2020

Flash Player Scheduled To Die In 2020

Finally, after much speculations and deliberations, the cat is out of the bag. Flash player which till now was being considered as a not so required plugin has finally heard the death knell. Yes, Adobe has decided that the popular internet plugin would not be functional after 2020. The company will stop distributing and updating the software allowing people to move on to other softwares with the same functionality.

In the year 2010, Steve Jobs had announced the removal of flash from his flagship brand Apple iPhone. Within some time other major web browsers like Firefox, chrome, and Safari also ended their association with the same. Most of them are now working with HTML5 which has better features like improved browser performance, extended battery, and high security.

When launched Flash or Flash Player had left a deep impact on its user’s thanks to the ability to customize and create interesting and visual content. However, with time the loopholes could clearly be seen. The content created by Flash was open to security and malware attacks leading to a visible increase in such cases. With time now new and better formats of video have entered the scenario. Why subject your computer to a virus attack when you know the reason why they may be happening?

Only Internet Explorer Using Flash

However, life without flash may not seem as difficult as it is sounding. This is primarily because of the fact that majority of developers are already leading a flash less life. The plug in was removed from iOS in 2010 and from android in 2012. In fact, Google has also the disabled playing of flash ads on its browsers since 2015.

Up till now, IE is the only browser which still supports the flash plug in. But it is said that before by 2019 even IE would make the plugin redundant. This would be just before Adobe does the same in the next year. However, the issues with security would not end with Flash being removed. Hackers would always find some other loopholes to gain an entry into the system.

Though ending flash is not going to change things drastically there might be some changes which would not go unnoticed. The majorly affected sites would be those having games or interactive learning programs which may show some signs of missing the plug in. However, that is actually a very small price to pay if you consider it in context to the kind of future that lies ahead for us. So till then let’s say bye to flash and welcome software’s which are secure and better equipped.

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