Computer Repairs Melbourne

We come to your home or business.

On-Site Computer Repairs Melbourne

Our technicians will come to your home or business in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and resolve your IT problem with a smile. InfuzeIT have no call out fees for local customers and can provide help with your desktops, laptops and servers. We can also deliver a large range of other services with our technical skills, to find out more about our IT repair services, expand the links under services we provide.

We may also service your home or business during the weekends at zero extra costs upon request. We can provide same-day service if you call us before 11am and book an IT professional to your location.
Our charge is a minimum of one hour for on-site computer services and 30 minutes for help desk support. Contact us >
Remote Desktop Support – Fast, Easy and Secure

InfuzeIT can provide instant and secure remote desktop support no matter where you’re located. All you need is an internet connection and we can help you with any of your computer problems.

What is Remote Desktop Support?

Remote support allows our technicians to connect to your computer from a remote location through the internet. This not only cuts costs, but is a lot more efficient than waiting for a technician to drive out to your location.
*Charged at $40 per 30 minutes (with a $40 minimum charge)

 Services we provide:

With our knowledge we are able to provide you with a guaranteed malware or virus removal solution. Virus or malware removal could be an extensive task, so we would suggest taking your system back to our workshop. This will allow us to place your system in a sandbox environment to reduce the risk of other devices getting infected.

For virus and malware removal we charge an hourly fee of $90 per hour, whether we repair the system on-site or our workshop. Worst case scenario we can back up all you files including movies, documents, photos etc. and do a complete re-format of your operating system. Due to this lengthy process we would then charge a larger fixed rate of $320.

We can service and repair majority makes and models of computers and laptops. No matter how complex your issue is InfuzeIT will come up with a perfect solution. We can replace broken or faulty fans, hard drives or hardware. We can repair your computer at an affordable rate of $90 per hour (excludes parts), after the first hour we charge 15 minute increments of $22.

If we take the machine back to our workshop, we do not charge over 3 hours of labor, no matter how long the repair takes. We have a fixed diagnostics fee of $50. Which would take effect if you decide not to go ahead with the repairs.

With almost all your personal data stored on computers and the cloud, there is nothing more important than protecting your assets. Allow us to help secure your financial records, customer data, emails, photos and other private data for you. With our knowledge, we can fortify your network to help prevent unauthorized access.
Our techs have countless hours of experience in installing both hardware and software for computers and laptopsWith our expertise in hardware knowledge we can recommend you the perfect solution to your needs. We can also assist you by installing software either remotely or on premises depending on the requirements.
There is a minimum of one hour charge for all on-site installations and 30 minutes for all remote desktop installations.
We have technicians that have the expertise in system administration and network design. We can help your small business or household set up your networking infrastructure.
This includes, but not limited to routers, firewalls, switches, IP phones, wireless access points. Our qualified technicians can even suggest security solutions or network access technologies. Our standard set up fee is $90 per hour, after the first hour we charge 15 minute increments of $22.
At InfuzeIT we take our work serious and are always excited to come up with new solutions for your technology requirements.
We can build you standard workstations, custom built servers and ultra-smooth fragging machines!
All our computers are custom built in Australia and come with a minimum of two years warranty. So don’t wait any longer, allow us to create you vision.
We will recycle any old computers, laptops or hardware for you. If you have sensitive data on some old or dead storage devices we can destroy it for you at no extra cost. We will use our special software which will completely destroy data and then crush the disks before recycling. This way your information does not land in the wrong hands.
So help us, help the environment.
Our remote IT support will be much more efficient if you contact us while we troubleshoot over the phone. This will help us spend less time gathering information about the system so we can quickly resolve your problem. It will only cost a small fee of $45 per 30 minutes blocks (with a $45 minimum charge). 
To get remote support click the button below. This will begin to download software for remote assistance.

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A low competitive rate of $90 per hour
We service Melbourne Homes & Businesses
No call out fees for local customers
Weekend services available at no extra cost

Our Service Area

We provide Melbounre Based Repairs across majority of the South East Melbourne and East Melbourne. A call out fee of $40 will be charged if you’re outside of the service area (Please view the red section in our service area map above.)