8 Tips to Network Security

If you are just one of the many small businesses trying to gain a foothold, there are many things online that can scare you. Apart from the regular budget and operational hassles, there is a continuous fear of your network security being breached.

These issues not only cause setbacks to your operations handling them also leads to money loss. However, there are some strategies that you can set in place to be amply prepared for such a situation.

1) It is very important for the person who gets to manage the computer security in your company has sufficient information on this topic. Instead of looking for a cheap and inadequate resource try and find someone with experience. Whoever you select, they should know how to handle the security crisis when the same arises.

2) Next would be installing a separate firewall on your network. It is easy to have one firewall software for your computers but these can easily be weakened. An additional firewall would ensure that all the devices which include printers, scanners, and media devices will stay completely shielded.

3) The password that you use for all your accounts cannot be the same. Either you learn the trick of devising new and difficult passwords and remembering them or use external help. There are software’s which help you in handling multiple accounts with separate passwords to do so.

4) In case you have already set up cloud-based services then two-step authentication is mandatory. Even if you have a separate email service from your employees the TSA is a step that should be widely encouraged. This would act as a barrier for any future hacking attempts made.

5) For you, it might be a futile exercise but encrypting your computer hard disks acts as a valuable solution. All the operating systems give you support to do that effectively. In case your laptop or computer gets hacked this encryption would ensure that no damage is done.

6) While this may seem rather insignificant but a lot of precious data can be lost by not locking your devices. Insist all your employees lock their computers, laptops, tablets and even smart phones using a pin or password. A lost smartphone can be a huge source of information as most of us keep our email access on them too.

7) Your office should not be an easy access zone. Just have a look around and see if it easy to enter your office and just pick up items and vanish. If the answer is in the positive it is time you did something about it.

8) Do not ever forget your backups at any cost. In any situation, if your hard disk crashes you must have all your data stored elsewhere too. Apart from that, a random virus attack can also be detrimental as getting back your information may require you to shell extra money.

Though implementing all the above strategies will ensure that you are safe from any network attacks it is still advisable to be careful. Chances are that if you are not doing your things in a planned manner you might just end up making a mistake. Even one of such errors can be a huge hazard so careful monitoring is required to keep your business safe.

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